This is a list of frequently asked questions at IFM.

Question: How much do the ads cost?
Answer: Individual ads are free. There is no cost associated with placing an ad or responding to an ad.

Question: What can I sell?
Answer: Just about anything with industrial or commercial use. This includes parts, accessories, materials, or supplies. Some examples of past and current ads are viewable in our gallery.

Question: How do I pay for the items I wish to purchase?
Answer: transactions are completed between the individual buyers and sellers. IFM has no authority over the individual items.

Question: Is this site easy to navigate and use?
Answer: Yes, you can view our sitemap for a listing of pages contained at IFM.

Question: If the ads are free, how does this site make any money?
Answer: The website income is driven by advertising. You can learn how we benefit from the ads here.

Question: What if I need to return my purchase?
Answer: You must contact the seller directly.

Question: Can I have my question answered here?
Answer: Yes, just contact us with your question.

Thank You!

The Team at Industrial Flea Market