About Us

The team at Industrial Flea Market has compiled a website designed to provide an online forum to buy and sell parts and excess materials for use in the industrial or commercial environment.

an industrial flea marketWith the industrial and commercial economy becoming more competitive every day, some individuals and industrial business owners find themselves shopping for a better price on their industrial repair parts or commercial building materials.

Many individuals or business owners may find themselves with unneeded parts, parts acquired at public auction, surplus industrial supplies, or excess inventory no longer needed. As a matter of fact, it seems as though a new sort of industrial revolution is taking place.

Industrial Flea Market (or IFM) provides a free forum through the use of classified ads. These classified ads are free to use. IFM is supported through advertising placed throughout the site.

This financial support enables us to provide a venue for individuals and corporations to buy and sell virtually anything industrial.

We feel there are many parts and materials that are finding their way into local landfills when they could be used in other industrial or commercial locations. This is a great opportunity for buyers to save money on previously used parts as well.

The internet is the perfect venue to showcase surplus parts, supplies, and materials especially when the service is provided for free. IFM feels strongly that buyers and sellers can complete their transactions among themselves.

The team at Industrial Flea Market is not responsible for the content of the ads placed on this website and is unable to verify these ads for accuracy.

We are currently working on a feedback system which we will roll out as soon as it is deemed effective and reliable.

Thank You!
The Team at Industrial Flea Market